Francy E – Podiatry chair

Francy E, chair for podiatric and multi-purpose use. High performance product in terms of functionality and comfort with top class performance combined with a modern and elegant design. Steel structure completely varnished with epoxy powder with antimicrobial characteristics. Very high load capacity: 230 kg. Armrests in polyurethane synchronized with the backrest and adjustable in rotation. Seat, back and leg are covered in class 1 IM fireproof sky, antibacterial, antifungal, disinfectable and resistant to wear. The seat is swiveling 45° degrees on the right and 45° on the left with manual locking (total rotation of the seat 90°). Standard 4-wheel kit with foot brake. The electric controls are managed by a push-button panel and only the lifting command can also be controlled by foot control. The chair is specialized for use in podiatry but is also widely used for diagnostics in general. Numerous accessories are available (see accessories list) to make the product more functional.