Iside – therapy chair

This multifunctional chair is perfect for medical facilities. This chair is specifically recommended for hemodialysis, chemotherapy, transfusion, oncology, plasmapheresis and outpatient procedures and it guarantees an optimum patient comfort in compliance with total security.
The chair is equipped with 5 motors for the independent electric movements: lifting, back rest, leg rest and Trendelenburg. It also has a footrest that can be adjusted based on the patient’s height (electric movement) The distance between the armrests is adjustable based on the patient’s build.
The armrests are synchronized with the movement of the backrest; they can be adjustable in high, length, rotation and inclination. The final part has a spherical joint for an optimal adjustment of the position. All these adjustments guarantee the maximum comfort and, by doing so, the patient has an easy way of access to the seat of the chair.
A button panel, also available to the patient, can control the electrical standard movements.